Hartley is my Motivation

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Hartley is my Motivation

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dear Hartley,

You are already teaching me so much more about my values than I think anyone or anything else ever has.

I regularly ask myself “do I want another tattoo or do I want an awesome blog for Hartley? Do I want lunch out that I can just as easily eat at home, or do I want the right gear for Hartley? Do I want something else that I don’t really need or would I rather save up for Hartley?”

I’ve also realized that I can’t be “sick” and have a service dog. Obviously, if something beyond my control were to happen, that’s different. But I can’t be “sick” or be in my eating disorder or be not-following doctor’s recommendations for my chronic physical health problems…and have you. It just doesn’t work that way. I have to be trying my best to maintain my recovery from my eating disorder and to maintain good mental and physical health in order to have you and to be able to keep up with you. It’s definitely a huge, huge motivation for me already.

Thank you, Hartley, for being my motivation.

Love you <3


One thought on “Hartley is my Motivation

  1. This is really great to read, Hollyn. I truly like your philosophy and believe it. You do want to retain your sense of yourself as a separate valuable person (as in any healthy relationship) yet love and life involves the risk of caring which it sounds you are doing a lot for this dear canine. 🙂

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