Hartley Has a Name

This blog post is a part of a series called Letters to Hartley, the idea that started this blog. See more letters here!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dear Hartley,

Today you officially started to become real to me. Today you got a name. Today, I got the promise that myself, my mom & dad, & my grandmother Mia will all donate $1,000 each to my fundraising efforts to be able to finally get you. My mom, dad, & Mia will also collectively be matching 40 cents of every dollar raised so that I can bring you home sooner.

I couldn’t be more excited, as I sit here crying, typing this on my iPad while our home internet, TV, & phone services are currently out of order.

Hartley, I don’t know yet whether you’ll be my baby boy or my baby girl. I don’t know whether you’ll be a fluffy Golden Retriever or a fluffy colored different breed. I don’t know what color all your special things I’m going to have made for you will be and I don’t know for certain what kind of havoc you’re going to reek on my parents’ house nor on my sleep schedule and my sanity while you’re still a puppy.

All I know is this:

I promise with all my heart to love you. I promise to care for you as best as I possibly can. I promise to provide you with everything you need and with every opportunity to be the best future service dog you can possibly be. I promise to try my best to be patient with you as you learn and grow. I promise to cherish your antics as I walk along this journey beside you as your mama & your handler. I promise to adore you and everything you are as a unique and individual dog. I promise to be a handler and a mama you can trust and depend upon. I promise to never steer you wrong.

I love you already Hartley and I (& everyone else) absolutely cannot wait to meet you & welcome you home when the day finally arrives!

All my love,


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